From Venice to Monterosso Cinque Terre via train


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Hello to all,

We were going to originally drive, but then read about the hassle to have a car in C.Terre, so have decided to ride the train instead.

Trying to take the train from Venice to C.Terre on Sept. 10th which is a Wednesday.

Looking at fastest way with good connections, but something with a reasonable connection to allow for delays. Price isn't the priority.

There are some trains with a tight connection, but don't know if that's doable or not.

My research takes us either via Florence or Milan ? Everything seems to be 6.5 hours?

What has been your experience with best/fastest/ most efficient way?

Also, some people have said that it's better to reserve and buy the tickets in the US. When we went to Rome, we just bought Rossa tickets there.

Do the two of us need to prepurchase tickets or can we just get them in Venice day of travel?

Thank you!