Get away to Florence


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Next Jun 11th I my wife and I are going from Lisbon to Florence via Milano Malpensa arriving in the morning.
The question is... get the train in Milano Malpensa or in Milano Centrale to Firenze S. M. Novella?
I do not know yet if I will see Milano this day and take a latter train to Firenze or see Milano on the 15th before departing home.
Any help is good.


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Train to Florence


When you come into Malpensa airport, in order to get to Florence by train, you will need to change trains in Milano Centrale.

Personally, I would head out to your furtherest destination (Florence) and then work your way back. In this way if something were to happen on your last day (train strike, bus is late, etc.) you have less to organize to catch a train or bus from Milan to the airport.

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