Getting around Montepulciano


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I'm considering living in Montepulciano late November through mid-December to attend Il Sasso language school. I have a physical disability that makes walking far distances tough. Can anyone confirm if there is a hop on/hop off bus system in town that would help me get around? I'm told most walks in town are no more than 10 minutes, but 10 minutes to me may be far. I get around pretty well, so the hills won't be an issue.

I'm also wondering about the weather during that time of year. Is snow likely in December?

Thanks in advance for any information you can provide!
Montepulciano is a small town, but it is build on a hill, so many streets have some type of incline to them.

There IS a bus called City tour - - but not sure it is what you're looking for, it seems to be for visitors and not for residents. They are experimenting with a free shuttle this month that connects the bus station at the bottom of the hill to the city center, maybe if people use it and like it it might be extended.

If hills are not an issue, the town is pretty small and easy to walk around in. So you might not need the bus at all, and whenever needed, you might call a cab to come rescue you. This site gives some numbers:

No, it doesn't generally get cold enough in December for it to snow at those elevations, we get snow only on Monte Amiata which isn't that far away from the area. Montepulciano should not have snow unless we go in the opposite direction of current climate trends ;-). Winters have been getting warmer.
Thank you! I've booked an apartment close to the school but this is helpful information to keep in my back pocket :) Glad to hear there shouldn't be snow while I'm there. Appreciate your help!