getting from the airport ?


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hi thanks for letting us join this forum
last night our sons surprised for our 25 wedding anniversary with a trip to venice
and as we know nothing about it I was wondering what is the best way (cheapest) way to get from the airport ?

also if anyone as any other use :cool:full information

thanks in advance


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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Yes, we're here! ;-) sounds like a wonderful gift!!

I am just stumped on whether you were asking about the airport in FLORENCE or the one in VENICE..... I'll suppose you are asking about Florence since our site is specialized in Florence and Tuscany.

If you fly into the Florence airport, you can get downtown either with TAXI or with the "Vola in Bus" shuttle that takes you to the Santa Maria Novella train station. You can read the details of the shuttle on this page:

Do you already have a hotel or B&B booked? if you're staying in the center, the shuttle should be fine.... but it really depends on how close you are to the station, because if you aren't too close and you're carrying luggage, maybe the taxi will be a better option.