Getting to Sicily from the Mainland


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Hi Everyone! My husband and I will be heading next year to Florence and some other parts but we would also like to go to Sicily. Anyone have experience with this? The cheapest thing seems to be to book a round trip ticket from Florence and take a separate flight during our stay and then come back to Florence to fly home. Has anyone taken the ferry or train? Has anyone driven either places?? Would it be wise to rent a car and use that instead? I don't want to spend all of our vacation in a car, but it may be a good way to see more...just have heard it is a nightmare to drive in Italy. Any thoughts would be helpful! Thanks so much!


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I can confirm that the best way to get to Sicily from Florence and not spend an entire day in the car is to fly there - we did it ourselves a few years ago. The road south of Naples to get to Sicily is not great and requires lots of patience. Then you need the consider where in Sicily you want to get to. It is a large island and the ferry if you drive to the point gets you across to Messina, is that where you want to go?

You could also decide to stop along the way, let's say if you wanted to also go to Rome or Naples and from there take a ferry instead.

Just consider what and where you want to go in Sicily, decide from there what the best option is. If you want to head to Palermo or the western side of the island, as we did, we found flying was the best way to use up our vacation time. We fly to and rented a car in Catania.