Going to watch a Fiorentina match

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I just joined Discover Tuscany and had a few specific questions, hopefully someone can assist?

My family and I will be in Florence for four days, and plan on seeing the Fiorentina AC Milan match. Can anyone recommend the best way to obtain tickets to the match? Also any suggestions on getting to the Artemio Franchi?

It looks a bit too far to walk from the heart of the city, so I imagine taking the bus to/from is our best option?

And while I'm here, any suggestions for a great bistecca is always welcome.

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Forza Viola!! that's the call for the Fiorentina soccer team - Go purple....doesn't sound as powerful in English :cool:

To get to the Stadium, you can either catch a train from SMN Florence (the main train station) to Campo di Marte (a 5-minute ride) OR catch a bus that will take you close to the Campo di Marte station. From here there is a pedestrian bridge from the train station to the outer edges of the Stadio Franchi. Anything that might drop you closer to the stadium has the risk of hitting a lot of traffic - just easier to walk the last couple hundred yards.

As for the tickets - you do know that Fiorentina vs. Milan is a bit of a rival game for us (the Fiorentina fans really really don't like Milan!) I live in a divided house (he is a Milan fan and I am Viola - game day is always a bit of a challenge :cool:)

To get your tickets, I contacted a friend of mine who goes rain or shine (winning streak or … not)
“it's actually much easier than it used to be
if they happen to be in Florence some days before the match, they can simply stop by in the biglietteria (italian for ticket office) in the city center and buy tickets where they want to or if they want to be sure to get the tickets, then they can contact biglietteria ufficiale via whatsapp (tel for whatsapp: +39 055 571259 or +39 3356670722) and they will tell them how to do it but I don't think the match will be sold out, so they can simply buy the tickets some days in advance
only thing I would avoid is buying the tickets right before the match, as there would be queues (lines to wait).
Ticket places to buy:
Borgo S. Lorenzo, 9/R, 50123 Firenze FI - the one in the center
Via dei Sette Santi, 28r, 50137 Firenze FI - the one next to the stadium
and there is another one in the Gigli shopping center”

As for the Bistecca Fiorentina, have a look at our article about our suggested best places to go:

Not on the list, but one of my personal favorite places is L'Ortone http://www.lortone.it/

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The walk isn't that far, depends on where you stay in the center. Consider that on any match night, the entire area around the stadium is closed to traffic so either the train as Donna suggested or walk there is best. Actually, lots of fans walk to the stadium all decked out in purple so you will join in on the spirit of the match before you get there.

As far as bistecca, I hear that the one at Trattoria da Giovanni is also pretty darn good! ;)