Good place to buy a custom leather bag?


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Can anyone recommend a good place in Florence to buy a custom leather bag? I'd like to support a small artisanal shop. I want to get a small leather backpack with the pockets and fasteners I want. Thank you in advance!
Leather bags in Florence


I may be a bit baised, but for me the best place to get a customized, handmade (real) Italian leather bag is at Pierotucci.

They are located outside of Florence, but the ciy bus ATAF 31 o 32 will get you there in about 20 min.

I worked with them for several years, and watched as the Italian artisans cut the leather, and created the bags. I even had the chance to be in on a few design brainstorming sessions.

Call and make an appointment to watch and meet the artisans - it is all very interesting.

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise