Good town for evening strolls


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We're visiting Tuscany in a few weeks and although we plan to have a few nights staying in the countryside (from where we'll visit the Pisa, Florence and Siena, Piombino and Elba), we'd also like to have a couple of nights in a small or medium sized town where we can walk to a selection of bars and restaurants and where there are a places to stroll after dinner and a choice of shops to browse.

At this stage in the holiday we might be ready to just relax, but if it is somewhere with the option of things to see and do for a couple of days then that would be a bonus.

I wondered if San Gimignano is the sort of place that we're looking for. If not, can anyone suggest somewhere that might fit the bill? Preferably in the west or central Tuscany.

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San Gimignano would be perfect - it has lots of restaurants and things to see that would keep you busy for a few days, particularly if you only spend evenings there.

Even if you can easily get to SG by bus passing through Poggibonsi and from there take bus or train to the other destinations you're interested in seeing, if you were to rent a car it would make it much easier and more practical to move around.

Another great town would be Volterra - but a car would definitely be required from there, as bus connections are more limited.