Google Maps or GPS?


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My group will be in Tuscany in 3 weeks. We have already rented a car as we fly into Florence and then head to Siena for 2 nights. After that its down to San Quirico D' Orcia for 3 nights and then back to Florence for 3 nights.

We have a detailed Michelin Road map as well as smart phones with google maps. Will they provide enough detail to get to and travel around places like Montelcino, Pienza, and Montepulciano? If not will renting a GPS do any better job?

Grazie in advance for any help.
We rented a car and GPS and had no issues at all getting from Rome, all thru Tuscany, and up to Florence. I would recommend the wifi option which was I believe $15 a day. Well worth it! Came in very handy at times. Enjoy!


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The area you are looking at traveling is actually fairly well marked. And to be honest, there are not a lot of ways to get lost if you follow the road signs because almost all of those towns are located on main routes.

Having said that, if you have wifi, then you can use Google. I have a GPS, but then I often am looking for obscure routes, and I have my cell phone with the Google maps option. They are just about the same. Sometimes Google is actually better.

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