Help! No car travel plans from florence to chianti, siena


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I will be staying in Florence from December - March. I will be doing research on vineyards and olive farms in Tuscany and wanted to know my best travel options. Renting a car is not possible, but hiring a driver/taxi and taking a bus/train are all options. The list of places I will be visiting are below and if you can help me find a travel plan to any or all of them that would be amazing. Dates are not set, but visits would be during the weekends and either day trips or overnight.

Thank you!

Zampugna in Montepulciano, Siena, italy

Andreini in Corsano

Poggio Etrusco near Montepulciano

Casale dello Sparviero in Castellina in chianti


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Are you here in Florence already or is this for next year?

If you're already here, the best advice I can give you is to contact the places you are interested in visiting and ask them the best way to reach them. Saying you cannot drive to them.

These are not your most common tourist destinations here, many of them being wine estates are private properties you normally would reach with your own car. But maybe they can tell you how to reach a nearby town and will offer information on how to do the last leg of the travel to get to them, maybe even offering to pick you up! Considering you will be visiting in low season when they should not be super busy, they might have the time to be more open to helping you out.

In any case, since you're doing research on them, I am sure it is in your best interest to be in touch and plan every single visit ahead of time with their approval.

Good luck!