Help please in getting around Florence and Tuscany


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Hi there
My family and I are going to Italy in a May to attend a family wedding at Castello de Meleto, Gaiole, Chianti. We are planning to arrive in Florence, stay there for one night before heading off to the wedding venue to stay for a few more nights before returning home. We are 2 families of 4 (ie 2 adults and 2 young children) so 8 of us altogether. We would like to know how we should best get around Florence and Chianti bearing in mind we have children. Also, once we arrive in Chianti, we have a day free to ourselves before the festivities kick off, any suggestions on what we can do with the kids when we get there?
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Getting around Tuscany

With a group your size you may want to look into simply renting a car. You can find 8 seaters - like large vans with lots of windows for everyone - which are available. My only consideration is if you need car seats, it may make it a bit cramped and then you would need two cars.

Your venue for the wedding is rather easy to find and about an hour and a half outside of Florence, great scenery and lots of places to stop and take photos. The last bit is on a sweet little dirt road, but I have done this in my car so it is absolutely passable with the 8 seater.

Though not necessary an activity for the kids ;-) one of my favorite vineyards is located very close by: