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help steven

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Hello We are trying to travel from Monterosso to Florence , but the trains don't seem to depart Monterosso till mid afternoon and my family and I would like to be in Florence earlier is there another way for a reasonable cost to do this part of our journey , any advice would be appreciated thankyou


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Are you searching on

Insert "monterosso" as your departure, and "Firenze S.M. Novella" as your arrival....

I see there is one at 7.35am from Monterosso that arrives in Florence at 10.32, another at 9.05 that arrives at 11.32 and another at 9.24am that arrives in Florence at 12pm. So there are at least these three to choose from. There is another at 11.05am that arrives in Florence at 1.32pm.

All these are from 16 to 22 euro per ticket so should be pretty affordable, I think, as opposed to another form of travel (such as private transfer).