Hi Lourdes - San Gimignano

We posted about a week ago into relation to staying in Siena. We have been researching non stop, and have decided to now spend the four nights in San Gimignano. We have picked and booked a Hotel.
Re transport. We will catch the fast train Venice to Florence, then a Regional to nearby town (as l understand it) and finally a bus. Could you assist us with the train route and bus route names if possible.

After SG, we will head back to Florence for two night (no accom booked yet), thence Milan prior to flying home.

Thanks again.


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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SG is lovely, really am in love with it but it took some time to discover its charm. Glad to hear you're staying there.
It does get overcrowded during the day, there are so many people who just go and stop for an hour or two and then leave and never really visit the museums, the Duomo or the castle - so staying there should give you a chance to really experience it in the evenings when most people leave :)