Hiking in Chianti


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I had the privilege of going to Montefioralle in Greve and did not have enough time to truly enjoy this jewel in Chianti. I am planning on going back to Italy this October or next June and wondered if you know of hikes and/or walks from Montefioralle or Greve that take you through or around vineyards to Panzano and then to Volpaia?

Also, do you know of any walks and/or hikes through the Vicchio area of Tuscany?

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Ciao Janise,
Do you know some Italian? We love to go hiking and so we bought a 3 volume set called "A piedi in Toscana" by Cinzia Pezzani and Sergio Grillo which divides all of Tuscany into 3 areas - northern, central and southern Tuscany. You'd need vol. 1 for Vicchio and vol. 2 for Chianti and it has several in each area.
We've done several from these books and wish they were online already!! I will be focusing on adding itineraries and pictures for hiking on our site, a section that for now is sorely lacking... just wish I had more time to daily be able to add everything I have pictures for!

Just plan to get local and buy the 1:25,000 walking maps of Chianti that has all of the CAI trails on them, that way you won't get lost!

Another book I'd recommend is "Walking and Eating in Tuscany and Umbria" by James Lasun and Pia Davis that cover the area in Chianti over several days.... although the copy I have is from 2004 and the itinerary around Volpaia from Radda was not possible as described in the book when we attempted it last summer as the route was blocked by live electric wires put up by the vineyards to keep boars as well as hikers out! :D