holiday in Florence and nearby cities.


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Hello Tuscany,
We are four adults and we are coming to Florence on the 28th May till 6th June and we are staying in Florence in an apartment.
I need some information to go around Florence and nearby cities.
I have some ideas to discuss here for any help if you don't mind.
No 1...Livorno No 2..Arezzo No3..Pistoia No4..Lucca No5.. San Gimignano No6..Cortona No7..Siena.
Any suggestions is welcomed


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I would definitely suggest making time for the city of Arezzo. It is often refered to as an "open air museum" with its vast diversity in architecture ranging from the Roman amphitheater to buildings from the Neo classic style.

just wandering around the streets, visiting the little shops and eating at the local restaurants will have you feel like you are taking a vacation inside your vacation :)

The train will drop off in the city center, once you walk out the front door you can procede straight till you come to a round about, then turn to your right and go to the second traffic light. Here you will turn to your left and you will be walking the "main drag" so to speak. There is an information center near the train station to the right, where you stop and pick up a map. The entire town is very walkable. You can rest assured that where ever you stop to eat here, it will be delicious. Arezzo is not super touristy, and the shops and restaurants need the locals to survice so the food is authentic and good.

Buon Viaggio