Honeymoon advice


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We took your advice and cut a day from Venice, Florence and Rome. Which we added to Seina, which will be our base for exploring towns in Tuscany for a week in a rental car.

We really would like to go to a truffle festival in the Tuscany area but cannot to find one. We will arrive Florence 10/23 - 26, arrive Siena 10/26 - 11/2, then Sorrento for 11/2 - 4, and finally Rome for 4 days.

Which truffle festival do you suggest based on our schedule?

Also, which city near Pompeii do you suggest staying? Sorrento?


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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Sorrento does seem to be a good base, as well as Positano.

As far as truffle festivals -- October is a bit early, as most are in November. You will likely find truffles on menus at restaurants but the main festivals are in November. Chestnuts are popular in October, you'll find those!