Hotel with Parking Suggestions


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My wife, adult daughter and I will be traveling from Rome to Milan and stopping in Florence for a night. We are looking for a hotel with parking. Suggestions?

Here are two suggestions in the city center:

Or you could look a bit on the outskirts, and save the trouble of parking in the center: is actually pretty close and has public transport nearby.

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Staying outside of Florence may be a great idea after 5 days in the middle of Rome. We will have a car, how hard is to get downtown? Could we take public transportation? We would like to take a tour of Florence. Should I assume since we would be staying outside of town, we would need to take the rental car and park somewhere? Ideas on where we would park? Thanks.
That is a great idea -

I suggest you also check out this link which also is in a great position.

As for parking, depending on where you are coming from, I can vouch for the Villa Costanza parking lot right off of the autostrada. It is set up so that you don't have to drive into the city center. It will cost between 5 - 7 Euros for the day, depending on how many hours you stay. The tram runs frequently (and cost 1.50Euro each way) and there are clean bathrooms and a bar on site. Between parking, waiting for the tram (almost immediately each time I have used it) and the ride into the city center - about 30 - 35 my opinion a great deal.

However, if you want to get closer with the car, read through this article. If I am arriving from Firenze Sud, then I usually go towards Piazza Beccaria to park, it costs a bit more, but it is a great walk into the city giving you a tiny bit of the "real, residential" Florence - though not that much :rolleyes:

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