How much can we see in five days???


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hello - I'll be in Tuscany for five full days in early December. As part of our package, our hotel is in Montecatini. Trying to decide whether to book a room overnight in Rome and use up two of our days there. Other options are Cinque Terre, Florence, Lucca, Pisa. We have rental cars as part of the package, but have read a little about the permits needed for certain areas. Any advice? Thanks so much, Mary


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Montecatini is a great base while you're in Tuscany. Five days will go by fast! Where do you fly in and out of?

In 5 days, you can do:
1 day in Pisa and Lucca, doing morning in one and afternoon in the other
1 day in Florence
1 day in Siena
1 day to San Gimignano and driving around Chianti (Castellina, Panzano, Greve)
Last day -- you can either return to Florence (I would recommend it because a day is not enough!) or, if you really want to fit it in, Cinque Terre.

I think Rome is only doable at the start or end, if you were to fly in or out of Rome.... it isn't precisely round the corner.


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thanks Lourdes - we fly in and out of Milan, so I didn't count the first and last days in the five that we'll be in Tuscany. I think my sister really wants to do Rome, even though it's probably a three hour ride from Montecatini. If we do, we'll probably stay overnight one night. I appreciate your help and all the great information on this site! Mary


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December in Tuscany


So if you add Rome to the equation, you will be in Tuscany 3 days. One of which should be dedicated to Florence, and since you are close you could include Lucca and Pisa on another day (both are easily reached with the train if you want to ditch the car.) And then you could do another day enjoying the spa at Montecatini combined with a half day visiting the countryside and maybe a vineyard.

I would catch the train from Florence to Rome, overnight in Rome and then Rome straight back to Milan. The train is faster, more economical (no worries about filling up with gas, parking and ztl zones) and a lot more relaxing.

However, I would add that as great as Rome is - you are spreading yourself just a bit thin. Especially since in the winter daylight hours are considerably shorter.

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