How much money should I save to spend 3 months in Tuscany?


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Spending time in Tuscany


So much of that answer really depends on where you are going to stay and what you want to do while you are here.

Will you be renting a car? or will stay in a city where you can make use of the public transport system?

This probably equals itself out. If you stay in the countryside, which costs less for accommodations, then you will probably want a car whereas if you stay in Florence, you pay more for accommodations but you can save on the car rental. Long term rentals can be more cost efficient - however, a transient contract is always more than a long term rental

Another major factor is food, will you be eating out or are you planning on an apartment where you will have access to a kitchen and making your own meals?

Another consideration is why are you coming to Tuscany - will you be looking at visiting the museums and monuments are you just going to "asborb" your surroundings. Visiting the sites can truly add up, the average cost is between 8 - 12 Euros (except for a few museums that cost more).

If you are here to truly enjoy the area and the sites, I would say you can easily consume about 3000Euro a month between rental, food, transport, and sightseeing. I would also add that, this is taking into consideration a bit of comfort and relaxx - it is not a shoestring budget. :cool:

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