How should I spend my time in Florence/Tuscany, for about 4-5 days?


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Volterra and San Gimignano are pretty much the main attractions themselves, you go and visit them and if you're interested, visit a few of the churches and monuments at each such as the cathedral, climb to the top of a tower in San Gimignano, visit the archeological dig in Volterra. The area of San Gimignano produces an interesting white wine called Vernaccia, if you ask at the tourism office in San Gimignano they can tell you which wineries nearby are open for tours and tastings on the specific day. The same goes for anywhere else you go, the small tourism offices are pretty well informed.

You might say Montalcino and Montepulciano have "more" to offer since they are smaller and there are additional towns in between. Also both towns produce red wines - the Brunello di Montalcino and the Rosso di Montepulciano. If you're a wine enthusiast, you'll find more on offer in the are as concerns wines so in this case I'd recommend you head here!

Hope the trip to Tuscany goes well and that you'll find your visit loads of fun! Do let us know afterward about all you end up doing and your own recommendations and "finds" :)


Dear Lourdes,

Thank you soooooo much again for the information!!! Thanks for the tip on the tourism office in each town. Didn't think of that. :p
So I think both regions are fine, it is just a matter of personal preference then.... my husband and I are not big wine enthusiasts (we drink wine, but are not knowledgeable at all), so I guess we will be happy in either region.

I sure will let you guys know how our trip goes! I am getting excited about the trip!

Thank you to all of you again!


We have returned from our vacation and had a very good time in Tuscany.
We love the B&B Palazzo Malaspina recommended by Elena and enjoyed our stay there very very much!! San Donato in Poggio is a charming little town, and the B&B itself is awesome!! Highly recommended! Would hope to return some day!

We visited quite a few towns: Greve, Radda and Panzano in Chianti; Monteriggioni; Siena; Pienza; Volterra; and San Gimignano.
We actually like the smaller towns more than Siena....

We didn't have proper maps (I know, kinda crazy), but driving between towns was actually quite easy. We just followed the signs and could get to our destinations quite easily. We actually got lost twice IN Siena (getting into the city to find parking and leaving the city!).

I just want to thank you: Elena and Lourdes, again! I wouldn't have been able to plan our trip without your help!! THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH! Grazie Mille!!


Hello friend Laurdes, Thanks for sharing informative post for all. Really you are a expert for Tuscan. My Father with my mother planed to go their next vacation in Tuscan. I will share this post with them.