how to get from florence airport (FLR) to Santa maria novella train station area


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Hi there! i will be in florence in july and understand that there is a tram that i can take from the airport to city centre. Can i know upon arrival where can i purchase the ticket ( if possible pls advise me on the location) and how much does it cost to travel from airport to Santa Maria Novella Train station as my accomodation is near there. I also know that i would need to purchase a ticket for my luggage as well. How much will it cost and lastly how long is the ride? We are a party of 5 so does it make sense to get a taxi instead? Txs for all your help



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The tram is as you exit the airport to your left, there are signs - just follow those. You can buy tickets right on the track, there are 2 automatic machines, where you can pay with coins/cash or even ATMs.
The ride is about 20 minutes, ticket costs €1,50 for each -- so 3 with your suitcase included. Once you buy the ticket, check whether it has a time stamp on it - if not, once you get on the tram, there are machines near the entrance where you put the ticket inside and "stamp" the date and time on it.

I am not sure all 5 would fit in one taxi, so for sure the tram is more convenient now!

The last photo on my post here
shows the ticket machine at the airport, several pics on there are of the tram stop at the airport.