How to get to Florence City Center from a cruise ship arriving Florence/Livorno


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Planning well in advance for a October 2018 cruise. I will be arriving in Florence/Livorno. Can I walk to Florence city center? If so, approximately how long will it take. If not, are there taxis or bus tours waiting to pick up passengers? Looking to spend the least amount of money, because tours are expensive. Are you familiar with tour companies that pick up and return passengers to cruise ships. If so, can you please forward that information. Thank you in advance.
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Getting to Florence


when you arrive with a cruise in Livorno, you can not walk into the city center of Florence.

You can use public transport by walking from the pier to the bus stop (about 1 km or 15 minutes of walking) where you can go to the central train station. You will find taxis near the pier, and one of these can take you over to the train station.

From here you can catch a regional train to Florence.
Total time, about 2 hours.

However, if you are looking for an inexpensive day but still interesting:

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