How to spend 4 days in Tuscany?


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My husband and I are spending 4 days in Tuscany early summer. It is our first time in the region and we are interested in exploring the region as much as possible. What are your recommendations for "do not miss"? We are considering staying in Florence with day trips to Sienna, Pisa, Lucca and Chanti or staying in each of these towns. What do you recommend? We are very open to commuting options...


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Where to stay


staying in the city center is defintely a wonderful way to experience the city. However, I would suggest that you also look into some B&B near to the city for example Casa Palmira which not only makes your intended day trips easy (without the confusion of having to get in and out of the city center with a car) but gives you a bit of relax time.

They also have the opportunity to enjoy not only the art, history & scenery but it also gives you a chance to enjoy the people and the culture - like maybe a coooking lesson or dinner with the onwers.

There is also a bus within 30 meters of the B&B which you can use to visit Florence.

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