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Hi, My wife and I will visit Italy in March 2019. 3 days in Rome and 4 days in Florence and Venice, a daytrip.

We will come Florence by bus(flixbus) and their stataion is Villa Constanza Station. Our hotel will be in City Center, far from there.

In some information, there is some bus and/or tramway to go city center from the station and go the station from city center. Do you give me some information about stations and tickets? Which do we use and which one is the cheapest? Moreover, we will plan to make a daytrip Genoa. So the option should be cheapest and safe.

And, I would like to learn that is a ticket 1.2 euros?

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Yes, Flixbus drops off at Villa Costanza, you take the tram from there and in about 20 minutes are in the center of Florence (the SMN train station). Ticket should be 1,50 euro (increased this summer) and Villa Costanza is the start of the line - take a look here for timetables:

You can buy tickets from automatic machines directly at the Villa Costanza tram stop and every tram stop.

From the SMN train station, you might be able to walk easily to your hotel, depends where it is exactly. Or either catch a bus or short taxi ride there, depends on distance and how much luggage you will have.

You want to take a day trip from Florence to Genoa? Might I ask why?! I ask because it isn't a common day trip from Florence or Tuscany, it is in a different region AND it is not easy to get there by train from Florence. Most trains go first to Bologna, then on to Milan and then to Genova - taking anywhere from 2.5-4 hours just one way. It is not recommended as a day trip, but you could spend the night there. Not sure there is a Flixbus from Florence, if there is that might be cheaper and more direct - have you checked already?

Since you have 3 days in Florence, 1 day already as a day trip to Venice planned, I would suggest nearer places for day trips: you can take a bus to Siena and spend the day there, or the train to Pisa and then on to Lucca and spend another day in between the two towns. I would dedicate 2 full days to Florence.