in Chianti region during Ferragosto holiday?


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I will be with family staying just outside Radda in Chianti for the August 15th Ferragosto holiday (a Saturday). We will not arrive until that morning. How likely is it that we will be able to find food- either markets or restaurants being open that day anywhere in the vicinity?


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the 15th of August


you are right to be a bit concerned...even though by now in 2015 you can always find something open - normaly any place that will be open, will be open in the morning. And even if it is not a supermarket, many times the bars are open, and several will have a few of the basic neccessities (pasta, bread, water...) but don't expect a huge selection.

If you could have the place your staying prepare you a welcome basket and then plan on at least one meal out at a restaurant that day it would be nice, alleaviating the stress of having to find some place that is open.

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Ferragosto - August 15 - is a holiday when most shops do close, but restaurants and cafes do remain open. So I'd do as Donna has suggested - get in touch with the place you are staying at and ask for a welcome basket with staples to have on hand, with items for breakfast and maybe even some pasta and tomato sauce just be prepared in the worst of cases ;-)
If you don't find anything open on Saturday because of the holiday, you might still find a few shops open on Sunday for a few basics..... but if you're willing to drive a bit further away, I am sure the larger supermarket chains (IperCOOP) will be open on Sunday. Ask the place you are staying at for info on this, they will be able to tell you what should be open on Sundays in the area in any case!