Is December 6th a local or national holiday?


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I am trying to get my tickets online for the Academy Gallery and the Uffici Gallery but none are available on December 6th. I was wondering if that date is a national holiday or if it´s a problem with availability and I can go to the museums and do the queuing process and get in that way.

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No, it just happens to be the first Sunday of the month when ALL STATE museums in Florence are free for everyone. Both Uffizi and Accademia are State museums so they are free --- but this means no one can book a visit on that day. So you'll have to stand in line with everyone else - these free Sundays are really busy, so if you have the time and are in Florence, visit the day before or day after.

Both these museums are usually closed on Mondays but for this year they have both confirmed they will have a special opening on the 7th of December since December 8th is a religious holiday and many people might take a 4 day weekend ;-)
Both will be open from 8:15am until 6.50pm (last entrance at the Uffizi at 18.05, at the Accademia at 18.20).
Entrance on Monday will NOT be free.