Is it okay to bring gold to have jewelry made?


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My Mom gave me some gold from an old ring she had melted down. Would it be acceptable to bring the gold to Florence and pay a goldsmith to make a ring for me? I know that they generally buy the gold they use and I don't want to eat into their profit margin.

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Gold in Florence


If you find someone to re-work your gold, rest assured that the price they give you will include enough profit. They charge accordingly: one price if you have your own gold and another if they have to provide it for your special order.

A word of caution, Italians are used to working with 18K gold and normally abroad, gold is in an inferior mix - 14K being the most common - but with rings, which take a beating and need to be a bit tougher, you can find 12K or less.

I have had jewelry re-worked before and you may find that the Florentines balk a bit at dealing with lesser grade gold or gold of an unknown source.

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I think it's possible, I can give you a page and an email to check this possibility: Tel. +39 055 238 2068 - They are really excellent in Florentine Style and they speak a good english so that you can ask anything directly to them.
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