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my daughter and I are planning a trip to Italy. We are looking at arriving in Venice Sept 25 spending a few days then to Milan for a day and a half then Monterosso to visit Cinque Terre. We were planning on taking the train then to Bologna for two days then Florence for 3 days. Wondering if we are really trying to pack too much in and what we should maybe remove. The more I look the more places like Lucca that I see and would love to stop at.


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If anything, I would skip Bologna and avoid losing time backtracking.... from Monterosso (make sure to spend at least a night there) it makes more sense to head south to Lucca and to Pisa, then head to Florence. That way you can see a bit more of Tuscany. Use 2 days just for Florence, the 3rd day you could do a day trip to Siena on your own, or do a guide tour that takes you both to Siena and San Gimiginano, such as this one which also includes wine tasting and a bit of Chianti:

How many days in Venice? I would do 1.5-2 days max before heading to Milan. In Milan make sure to include at the very least the Duomo and Leonardo's Last Supper (book ahead as numbers are limited) before heading down toward Cinque Terre.