Jewelry course in Arezzo or Tuscany?

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Ciao. my daughter is travelling to Italy later this year and I would like to know if there is anywhere, perhaps near Arezzo where she could learn something about making jewellery.
Hello Sue,
There are certainly courses on jewelry making in the Arezzo area but which one is best for your daughter will depend on how long she plans to be in Italy and whether she already has some experience in the field. Florence has a long tradition of goldsmiths and gold jewelry making and I was able to find several schools here.

For example, the Koinè Center offers a minimum of 3 month course that combines jewelry making with learning Italian. You can read more information here:
Goldsmithery Course & Italian Language in Florence,Italy

There is also the Perseo School dedicated to jewelry making. There are courses that run from 1 month to 3 or 4 months but they are quite specific on a particular aspect of the process. Read further details here: Perseo - Firenze

Also in Florence, the Studio Arrais offers individual courses that run from 1 to 3 months. Read more at: Studio Arrais Jewelry Design
Another gold jewelry school based in Florence, Le Arti Orafe, offers courses for foreigners, visit their website at: Le Arti Orafe

In Arezzo, since the craft of gold jewelry is their top specialty, the schools tend to be for professionals and the courses seem to be longer in time. I was unable to find short courses but the professional school I kept finding references to is the Scuola Orafa di Arezzo. Their site, however, seems to not be currently available: so it is difficult to learn more about the school.

I hope these might help you out in your search. If we can be of further help, please don't hesitate to contact us again.
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Thank you very much for all your information regarding jewelry making courses in various regions of Italy. This information will be of great use to my daughter.
We greatly appreciate the time you have taken to reply to my email. My daughter is looking forward to spending time in Tuscany.

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