Just 3 days to discover Tuscany!


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I hope you can help me. I am feeling pretty overwhelmed with the research I have done so far trying to find somewhere suitable to stay when me and my partner visit Tuscany next month. We've only got three nights and we fly from the UK to Pisa. From what I can gather most people don't stay in Pisa preferring Florence but I am finding some of the Florence accommodation out of our budget.

Our wish list includes:

> Cheap double room accommodation (Max £50 per night)
> Close to public transport as we won't have a hire car (too expensive) but we could potentially hire scooters if cheap enough
> We mainly want to experience the food and wine culture!
> We wouldn't mind being close to a beach or pretty water front.
> We'd like to do a bit of sight seeing but museums etc aren't at the top of our list - the food is! lol.

there are so many different recommendations out there I just don't know where to start?! Especially since we are looking to spend as little as possible.

I appreciate that there is no way we'd be able to see half of what Tuscany has to offer in such a short space of time but hopefully when we have more time and money we'll come back and explore it fully.


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You could jump on the train from Pisa to Lucca if Florence is too expensive. Lucca is a great spring board for visiting Tuscany and it's beautiful in it's self.


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Budget hotels in Florence!

Ciao Chickflick,

You beat me to my reply today! :)

Actually, Pisa is a great place to stay as well, it is definitely more low-key and then you'll still have transport to consider as you move around... further to travel and your time is preciously short as it is.

Florence definitely has budget hotels that fit into your budget.... but maybe not in June...
Take a look at this page of budget hotels - What are your dates precisely?

I'd suggest, if you can, to stay in Florence just because it will offer much more in terms of sightseeing - even just the outside, walking around and enjoying the monuments and churches, views without the need to go into museums.
There are also lots of restaurants and wine bars so that you can enjoy the food and wine directly in the city.
Consider beach or waterfront along the coast will enter their high season in June so costs go up.... if it was April or May, you'd likely still find "low" or "mid" season rates.

You could do a day trip to Siena, aside from Florence it is the top destination to see and compare - Renaissace Florence vs. Medieval Siena ;-).

You can and should see Pisa either when you first arrive or as you leave if you can, otherwise like you say, you could come back and enjoy it on a longer trip!

If you give me your precise dates, I'll see if I can find something with availability for June in Florence that fits in your budget... maybe a little further out from the main center.


I have a plan to go there in my upcoming vacations with my family and I think Pisa is a great place for those who travel with their families. The most attractive things at there is National Museum of San Matteo. Maybe next month we'll surely be there.