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Hi! I am from Hong Kong. I can't wait for my visit to Florence in May!
I am in love with everything related to leather work.
I'd like to know If I can visit any leather school, leather factory and tanning leather factory in Florence or city near by?
Recently, I am also digging into hand-stitched leather works.
I wonder is there any shop that sell tools, cowhides, books, and other materials?

Elena - Florence Guide

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Ciao Elaine, welcome on DT Forum!

As leather addict myself I am glad to tell you that you'll have plenty of choices in Florence.
Yes, there is a Leather school in town (in Santa Croce, just behing the Church of santa Croce) but if you wish to see artisans at work in Florence there are a few leather factories which we could visit.

As far as leather tanners they are now in SANTA CROCE SULL'ARNO but they tan industrially, if you google some videos on YouTube you'll see how the process is carried on such as:

If you would like to see hand-stitched leather works, book binders and skillful artisans do not hesitate to contact me for a custome made walk in Florence to discover most of the artisans at work.
We could enter some labs which are usually not open to the public.
For any further info you can contact me by email or have a look at the page for artisan and craft tour.

Wish you a fun preparation to your trip! Have a great day!