Lithuanian wants to move to Italy

Karolina Da

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Hello, everyone!

I always had a dream - to live in Italy. Currently, I am living in Norway, but I’m so tired of cold weather and rain! At this point in my life (I am almost 30 years old, unmarried, no children)I just started thinking that it’s time to change my life. It’s just the only question - where to start? I’m interested in many aspects what comes to living and working and studying in Italy. I would like to know about opportunities. Is it possible to find a cheap place to live? Is there any jobs? Please, if someone knows anything, let me know.

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Karolina :rolleyes:


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Ciao Karolina,

If you dream of living in Italy, I am sure you will find a way to make it happen. Most of all, do not get discouraged as it isn't easy.
Work and work visas are not that easy to obtain so there are a LOT of people here doing freelance/independent contract work or now with the pandemic doing online/distance work. The ideal would be that you find a job that you can do in Italy not necessarily tied to Italy, does that make sense?

As far as making it happen, I suggest you join forums and online communities that discuss the various parts of the bureaucratic steps: you live in Normay, but are you also a Norwegian citizen? Because your citizenship is what matters in either making it really easy to enter/live/work in Italy or make it more complex. Start from there, then go step by step. Living in Italy in general is NOT cheap but there are certainly some areas that are less expensive. Most of all, it is a DIFFERENT way of life. You might make less but you might need less to live on, you get a lot of value in the standard of living. What type of life are you living now and what type of life do you envision for yourself? Feel free to keep posting, I am glad to start a conversation. I am American myself and am in Italy because I married an Italian and that's how I ended up here, I don't necessarily recommend this path to living in Italy since it includes many other aspects, positive and negative :ROFLMAO:🤣🤣 (right, Stefano? ;))