Local driver in Tuscany


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Hi - we will be travelling as a group of four from Rome to FLorence and would like to hire a driver to take us through the various towns in Tuscany. ANy advice? Thanks.


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Ciao Vicki,

Not sure whether you want a driver from Rome to Florence, making stops along the way.... or whether you get to Florence on your own and then want a private driver to take you around some of the main towns.
You'll also need to decide whether it is a full day out - like 12 hours - or divided up over several days.
I would recommend - if you have various days in Florence as your base - then I suggest breaking up your itinerary into several trips out.

Such as Siena and San Gimingnano on a day, Pisa and Lucca on another, the Chianti hilltown towns on another, and so forth....

There are private drivers as well as small group "tours" that you can also consider - with 4 people, you could book your own driver/guide to Chianti and other places.
Take a look at these two tours, from Rome to Florence:


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