Looking for Hotel/B & B near Florence we stayed at 20 years ago...


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Hi, Sorry that this is such a hazy question. 20+ years ago we stayed at a sprawling farm hotel/B & B outside of Florence. We were close enough to see the Duomo through the hills. The place had a main building (stone) where you registered and also a family style restaurant inside and out. We stayed in one of the many outbuildings on the large farm property. The name (pardon my memory and spelling ) was something like Il Milone Bustamarti or something like that. It was a 15+/- minute drive to Florence. It was one of the most beautiful places we stayed, in all our travels, at least in my memories. Now we'd like to go back. I've tried searching the web for websites of places around Florence, but so far, no luck. I think I'd recognize the (correct) name, if I saw it. And, if it's still in business and has a website, I'm sure I recognize the accompanying pictures. I'd thank and lift a glass of wine, to any folks out there, who may be able to help. Thank you, Stan


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The only one that comes into mind with the name you sort of remember is this one: http://www.fattoriailmilione.it/it/agriturismo-in-chianti/

Take a look at the pictures - is it this one? It is very close and has good views, so I imagine it might be.

Lourdes, Many thanks, Fattoria Il Milione, which we remember as, Il Milione di Brandimarte, is the place. In this 2015 era, it seems to have given up the separate farm/out buildings houses, that were available back in the day, or at least they don't mention them on their site. I have bookmarked the site(s) and when we get it together, we may go there again. If we do not return to "Il Millione", we may still look for a place in the city of Florence, for a month, with another couple. We are still in the planning stage, but I do want to thank you again, for your quick and accurate response. Take care.....Stan


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As far as I know of it, and what I see on their site, there are still 4 sets of different types of lodgings on the property, plus a restaurant.

Good luck - and have fun - with the planning, feel free to post as you get more into the planning and run into any questions! :)