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Greetings ,

We are two young gentlemans who are looking for a job in a farmhouse or villa in Tuscany . I am an experienced bartender , able to do all-round work in a restaurant , bar and also handling retails and sales . The other one is an ideal handy-man and can do all-round work in a farmhouse , from maintenance , to farm-work , cooking and many more . We are willing to work anywhere in Tuscany and everything available is welcomed . We can start as soon as possible , we pay our own transport from currently residing Romania . We however demand an accommodation and meals if available on work . Both of us will be 19 in a few months , fresh and young workers . Italian language will not be a problem , we already started to learn it , we bought some guides and in 2-3 months we will speak very correctly Italian .
For more information or for an employment offer please contact via my e-mail : doqqtor@gmail.com or the mobile no. : +40729291233 witch is available at all times .

Thank you ,
Have a pleasant day,
Alexandru :D