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Hello, my name is Deborah and I live in Lucca, Tuscany.
On Saturdays and Sundays, from the 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., my husband and me take advantage of these beautiful days and we go out for a walk in the center of Lucca.
We work all along the week, so on Saturday and Sunday we use relax ourselves: sometimes we take a promenade, sometimes we ride our bicycles or we do some jogging.

For this reason, I got a fun idea: I love to speak English, I like to meet new people and I love my city.

Why not involve other people in our promenade around the ciy with us? On joining us you will discover some beatiful unknown locations of Lucca that only who lives and knows the city can show you: in the same time, we will have the chance to know other people and improve our English.

If you are interested
in, you can join us on Saturday morning or on Sunday morning from 09.00 a.m. to 12.00 am.
Please leave your name if you are interested in and tell us when you are planning to come in Lucca.

We will have a great time on knowing you!

ContactSkype: deborahfromtuscany
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Ciao Deborah,

That's a wonderful proposal, spending a morning with an Italian in Lucca in exchange for conversation :)

I hope visitors to our forum that will soon be in Tuscany and Lucca will take you up on your offer and enjoy their mornings with you and your husband. Anyone interested state your interest here to get in touch with Deborah :)

Welcome to the community Deborah!
Hello Deborah. Liz and I will be visiting Lucca early June 2012 so would love to spend a morning with both of you. I just thought I'd make a quick contact here, and get back in touch with you closer to the time. Our dates currently are from 7th to 11 June
Hope this will be ok, but you never know what may happen in the meantime
Best wishes and Merry Christmas
John & Liz
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Thanks Lourdes for pointing me to this post, you came to the rescue yet again:)

Hello Deborah. My wife Mavis and myself plan to be in Tuscany from the 12th May to the 21th 2012 and would so enjoy catching up with you to walk your beautiful city of Lucca either on the 13th, 19th or 20th if you are available. I will contact you nearer the date and confirm if you will be avialable.


Hello Deborha, I have tried contacting you through your Skype details but have had no luck. Would you kindly confirm if you are still offering a guided tour of Lucca as my wife and I are staying in Barga this coming September and would love to take advantage of your offer if it still applies. Many thanks.
Hi Deborha, I hope you are still doing the Lucca walks? I will be staying in Pisa in 2 weeks time with my wife and would love to join you on one of your guided walks. I also tried contacting you on Skype with no luck, look forward to hearing from you, cheers:)
missing Barbara

I've tried to get in touch with Barbara myself to make sure she has seen this thread and all of the interest her offer has generated but have been unsuccessful so far. If anyone actually met with Barbara or gets a reply from her, please let us know! So far haven't heard anything to indicate she actually ever met with anyone.....
Hi Deborah,
I am from India and shall love to join your tour on Sunday 09 Sep 2012. Do you still do the tour? I am staying in Pisa, so can you advise me how and when should I leave from Pisa to reach Lucca in time for your tour? And from which point in Lucca do you start? Thanks Shree
Ciao Shree,

We've never heard back from Deborah whether she's still doing the tours, so be prepared to not hear back!

In the meantime, I'm closing the thread - unless we have some news, consider this offer from Deborah no longer available.
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