Lucca or pisa

Deb N

Hi !
We are traveling from Florence to La Spezia (Cinque Terre) and want to stop along the way in Lucca or Pisa. Wil lbe taking the train, which I believe runs to both cities. Which is better to visit? We can only see one....
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Deb N


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Depends on what interests you the most


Pisa is a lovely city - however most people stop and visit Miaracle Square and the Leaning Tower ... and that is all. Which is a shame there is much to see - but the Leaning Tower is a symbol that almost everyone has on their "must see" check list.

Lucca is the kind of city that you can roam about, do a little shopping, almost feel like you are inserting yourself into the community. The churches are beautiful and the wall around the city is definitely a great activity.

If you could do both (Pisa in the morning and Lucca in the afternoon) you really would get the best experience! And yes, it is possible to enjoy both - I ususally take family and friends to Pisa first (early...and if you want to climb the tower get your tickets in advance - they are limited!) and then lunch and a stroll in Lucca afterwards.

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Donna Denise