Lucca to Venice


Good afternoon from Western Canada

I am well along in my scheduling etc of our 3 week trip to Tuscany with a side trip to Venice.

After 9 days in Lucca we will be departing Lucca with a 2 night period of time before we must check into our hotel in Mestre and head out to Venice for our Walking Tour with Sabine.

We will check out early on the 16 September 2014

We check into our Bed n Breakfast on 18 September 2014 and have a 4 pm Walking Tour Scheduled.

What should we do for the 3 days 2 nights in-between. PLease feel free to include accommodations, B n B's etc, this is for my Mother and I. Train is a must Should we do La Spezia and then up to Modena and then onto Venice? This is an interesting idea for me!

We do not need to visit in Florence or through Florence as we are spending our last 4 days in Florence before flying out.

We are very open for ideas. We love wine, vinegars, wandering and people watching oh yeah and I love cars!

Cheers and thank you in advance for any thoughts.