Maremma By Train


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Can anyone help in planning a coastal route via trains? I'm hoping to domicile in a town where there would be restaurants and lodging options close to the train station. Would Scarlino be a good option for this? Thank you.


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Scarlino is definitely a possibility.

Keep in mind that the train station is in SCARLINO SCALO...and there is a bus that will take you back and forth to the city SCARLINO (runs every 60 mins. and is a 10 min. run)

If you are thinking of using a town near a train station as base to travel to other locations - I would suggest being closer to the "main" train station (or hub) otherwise you will be very limited in your travels. for example the last train from Grosseto to Scarlino Scalo is a 5PM.

Maybe you should look accommodations closer to Grosseto ?

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