market schedule?


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Hello ,

Does anyone have a market schedule for Chianti and Northern Tuscany?
Which small town is has the best market?

I will be in the area in September and definitely want to visit 1 or more outdoor market.



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It's always fun visiting the open air markets - especially the further away from Florence you go because the more "real" they are.

Antella has a market every Thursday morning (from about 8 am till 12,30) and Grassina has a market (a little bigger than Antella) every Friday morning same time as Antella.

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Thank you these suggestions , I will map them out.

Does anyone have any info for Greve in Chianti? Or North East like Luca - Viarregio?
Any good market towns up there?

Thank you!


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More Market info

Greve in Chianti - every Saturday, every 4th Sunday of the month is a Bio market in the town square

Panzano in Chianti - every Sunday

San Polo in Chianti - every Thursday

Strada in Chianti - every Tuesday

from 8 ish til 12,30 ish

San Polo is pretty small - Grassina (not mentioned above is probably the largest, and it is located on the road before Greve in Chianti)