May 1st holiday in Val D’Orcia


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We are putting together an itinerary for a week in Tuscany next April/May, and I realized that May 1st is a National holiday in Italy. What impact is this likely to have on our plans to tour the small towns in Val D'Orcia then? Will it be more crowded than usual, and are the major sites (including wineries) likely to be open on the holiday?


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A lot of people use the day as a holiday - it is labor day - and go out for picnics and enjoying the nice weather. You should be able to roam around and visit all the small towns, with the expectation of just finding a lot of shops closed, but at the same time many other places open. Restaurants usually will be open, museums will be closed, not sure about wineries -- I think it is better to expect them to be closed but you can always contact some of them and ask to know ahead of time!

Do you have a specific itinerary you want to follow?