Medici Dynasty Show Question

Rose Murtagh

New member
Ciao! Could someone help me figure out if this show (Medici Dynasty Show)is still operational in Florence. Their website is up and I have seen mentions of the show on various sites but when I email or try to get tickets (planning on a mid-May trip) I get no response. Someone thought they may have closed but then why would they leave their website looking as though they are still in business? Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks!
Last I had heard, the location where it was being held was being renovated and they had trouble finding a new location - so the show was put on hold. I believe it is still on hold. to be honest. Otherwise I would have seen it publicized again - and I would have updated our own article on the show -

I agree, they should have put some notice on their own website so that it was clear they are not running, if they aren't... and to also let us know if they do foresee starting again soon! I'll see if I can get some feedback if I write to them too.