Milan, rome, florence, and Tuscan area


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Ciao Lourdes!

We plan to land on Milan on December 18, and have a total of 24 days in Europe. We plan to spend a couple of days in Milan to visit the city and lake como, then go to Rome for Christmas eve and from there to Florence. From Italy we are going to Spain, possible Portugal and maybe London.

Given that we will be in the Tuscan region during this winter season we would like your suggestions on what would be the best cities and small towns to visit. We are open to travel by train or car, we don't have a specific itinerary, other than being in Rome on Xmas and landing on Milan. We love wine, going to local places and getting the day to day Italian lifestyle 😄

Places that we have considered are: lake como, lake maggiore, Turin, Parma, cinque terre, sienna, San gimignano. We will be in Italy until approximately, dec 29th and from there we plan to go to the Andalusia region in Spain. But again, we don't haveanything in stone we can stay longer if we want to.

We plan to find a b&b's in Florence and from there go to the small towns. If you have suggestions on b&b's it would be great.

Thanks for your feedback!



Im a 45 yr old housewife. My husband are planning our very own trip inspired by the movie we have just seen. LOL Were getting old and we decided that this would be the 3 best cities to spend some time.