Modified 3 days in Florence


Minhduc Phan

Hello Lourdes,

I read your "Top 10 Sights to See in Florence in Just 2 days." I have about 7 and a half days in Tuscany. I was thinking about skipping Pisa and Lucca and spend more times in Florence instead, 3 days versus 2 days. How would you modify the plan to see more things, or see things in more details?

I will be in Florence by noon of Tuesday, 17 June.


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
Staff member

I agree with spending an extra day in Florence. That article actually has so much, but does NOT take into consideration the time you need to GO INSIDE and spend time looking at the treasures within. So if you have an extra day, I'd say spend some time inside some of these highlights - I personally would tell you to go inside the churches of SANTA MARIA NOVELLA and SANTA CROCE! Enjoy the rest of the sights, taking more time... and I think you'll easily spend your 3 days enjoying Florence :)