Montalcino or Montepulciano


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Ciao! My husband and I will be celebrating our 25th with a 4-week trip to Italy (end of Aug to end of Sept). We will have 3 nights in Rome, 2 in Venice, 3 in Florence, 2 in Siena, 7 in Tuscany, 2 in Luca, 5 in Tropea, then back to Rome for 3 nights before we fly home. We plan to rent a car in Siena to enjoy the countryside of Tuscany and Umbria and partake of wineries and wine tours in the area (there are so many to choose from!). We currently have two different Agriturismo's reserved for the 7 nights in Tuscany: 1 in Montalcino and 1 in Montepulciano. I'm having a terrible time deciding which reservation to keep and which location is better for general touring/driving (day trips to wineries, etc.). We are already spending just 2-3 nights in so many beautiful cities and I'll need to work the week (7 nights) we are in Tuscany/Umbria. I suppose we could split the time and stay in one place 3 nights and the other 4 nights, but would really like your advice on the best option to call "home" while trying to relax a bit that week (work in the evenings, tour during the days). Any advice or suggestions would be most appreciated!
What a wonderful trip you have coming up! I am sure it will be a wonderful way to celebrate your 25th anniversary!!

Since you want to visit both Tuscany and Umbria during those 7 days, I would just say that Montepulciano is more practical. You are closer to the A1 which will make time to get and about faster: head south toward Chianciano when you're heading south, up to Bettole when you're heading north - those are the "entrances" into the A1. Since it's a toll road, you cannot get on to it wherever but first head to those entrances.

Mapping out Montalcino to those two will give you an idea of the added time you have to add to your driving.

Having said that is the more practical approach, also take into consideration which one of the two places you've booked speaks to you more. I think in Tuscany and Italy, where the places and locations speak to your soul and beauty is part of the package, you should also book with the one your heart loves more.

Then also consider your itinerary: maybe you'll have to create a flexible plan for those 7 days in Tuscany that allows you to slow down and relax. Have a plan for each day, but feel free to change it last minute. You're definitely all over the place and moving often.... by Luca you mean Lucca in Tuscany? You place it right in between Tuscany and Tropea but it's in the opposite direction of heading back down to Tropea so maybe you should fit it in before you head down to the Valdorcia (both Montalcino and Montepulciano can be said they are in that area). But I suppose it depends on how you're getting back down to Tropea, via train from Florence?

Feel free to post back any other questions you have, I'd love to help if I can :).
Thank you, Lourdes, for reviewing and responding to provide some insight on where to stay in the Tuscany region. Montepulciano is one of my favorite wines and that was already higher on my list (and calling to my heart), so I think we'll stick with that one and cancel Montalcino. I really do want to slow down and relax in Tuscany and Umbria as much as I can while working part-time that week. ;-)

We plan to rent a car in Siena to drive to Montepulciano and have the car at our disposal for the 7 nights we'll be in that area, but will plan to return the car in Siena before we head to Luca for 2 nights. We will be flying one-way from Pisa to Lamezia (and traveling/staying in Tropea). Then, we plan to return from Tropea to Rome via train. Can you recommend a stop and accommodations for 1 overnight stay along that train route (between Lamezia and Rome)? I think I'd rather have just 2 nights in Rome (after all that relaxation and beach time) before we fly home.

I haven't explored the train options or rental car options yet, so please let me know if you recommend picking up the car at another city or if we'll have any trouble making connections between cities (all but Luca to Lamezia route, which will be by air).

I'm so excited our trip is only 5 weeks away!!!
Car pick up in Siena would be okay, although you might find more options renting earlier in Florence. Once you start searching you'll see what is better. Return the car in Pisa at the airport as it will be the most convenient spot.

I really don't know the area south of Rome at all, so cannot really recommend a stop that would be ideal. Extend your stay in Tropea by a day is not possible? It might be the most simple solution.