Montefioralle vs Panzano vs Greve


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We are spending three nights in Tuscany.

We are planning on visiting Florence for a day trip. For the other two days

We are primarily looking for quiet and relaxing time with good food, relaxation and some good winery tours and not a lot of touristing stuff. So we have been thinking of staying at a small apartment in Montefioralle or a garden suite in La Pensione in Panzaono.

1. What are your thoughts on Montefioralle vs Panzano
2. And particularly La Pensione Vignamaggio vs a small historical apparment in Montefioralle?

Thank you advance. I appreciate everybody's input.
Wow, nice! Both are lovely locations but essentially they would provide a different experience.

Montefioralle is a really small medieval hamlet, it has one circular street and the apartment is located in the village. You are surrounded by hills covered in vineyards and wineries, but you would need to move around and go to them. You would be fully independent and decide where to head off every day, if you want to visit different wineries and to eat out.

The Vignamaggio, on the other hand, is a a wine estate, a pretty large one. You will have more amenities around the apartment, like the garden spaces and pool. You can do winery tour and tasting right on the estate so that's one that becomes easier since you don't need to go somewhere far. Of course, you can still visit Vignamaggio and do tastings and tour even if you don't stay there (do write to ask about hours because on the website it says the winery is closed but it could be that it was not updated since pandemic and closures). It doesn't seem to have a restaurant so you will still need to go out for meals.

So the main difference is the context. I think either would work.... is having a pool an important element? Are you coming in the summer? You didn't say so maybe if you're coming in fall, it won't matter too much. Will you have your own car? It is something you don't say but you will need for both places.
Thank you @Lourdes !. That is very helpful. We will visiting in early June this year and will have our own car throughout our stay and understand that we will need car to move around pretty much everywhere in Tuscany. Based on this information, any new information or advice you would like to add?

I am leaning more towards Montefioralle since it seems that it will be one of kind of experience staying in an old apartment in a tiny ancient village vs Vignamaggio, which is similar to other resorts we have stayed in past vacations where there are all the amenities like pool, restaurant etc although staying Wine estate does sound appealing.

I know it would be very subjective and personal to each person but it seems that while staying at both places would very relaxing but if we are aiming for a very tranquil and one of kind and less touristy experience, Staying in a a small medieval village like Mantefioalle will be the best option.

Any new thoughts?? Once again thank you for you all help.
Agree with you! If you've stayed at a resort type place in the past, then the medieval village will be more unique. I actually really like Montefioralle and it is very quiet. There is a restaurant on the road to the village, not in the village, like a few hundred feet outside on the hill going up from Greve so you can also enjoy dinners out without having to go far... and Greve is actually just a km downhill, so that also gives you additional restaurants for the evening as well as more wineries to choose from for wine tastings. This article (in the DYI section) gives you names of wineries in the area which will be even easier for you to reach with a car! I'll add that there is a wineshop called Enoteca Falorni off the main piazza in Greve that has hundreds of wines of the region as well as Italy where you can wine taste as well as eat lunch at their bistro - take a look, I've mapped it on google maps: