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Hi Lourdes,

I am headed to Florence from Hanover in Germany for the Mugello GP from Jun 1 to Jun 5 in 2017. The race dates just got confirmed and almost all the BnB in Scarperia, Borgo San Lorenzo and San Piero A Sieve are gone ! What a nightmare situation... I am banking on a few kind souls on AirBnB to confirm my registration. That besides, I need your guidance on the following:

1. How do I manage to reach train station CAMPO DI MORTE from the airport - that is an area I am considering for Thu/Fri/Sat - for my stay. Is the area good? I am a vegetarian and food could be a problem so I want to stay around a market place that has shops and restaurants

2. I rest on Thu night and on Friday I plan to go to a place called Rimini on the Adriatic coast, which is close to Urbino, the birth place of Valentino Rossi - VR46 forever :) I want to get my train tickets to Rimini in advance by a high speed train because I want to come back to Florence the same day. Do you suggest this is doable? I tried checking the itinerary on the trenitalia website but I could not identify the station names. I could only make out that fast traisn take 1h 34 mins and slow ones more than 2 hrs 34 mins...Could you please suggest the names of the appropriate fast train stations at either end? And how do you suggest I go to Urbino from Rimini? Do the fast trains start from CAMPO DI MORTE?

3. If you suggest against point 2 above about going to Urbino/Rimini, I can use Friday to go to Rome - which I have heard is a great place. Had you been in my place which place would you prefer?

4. Saturday and Sunday I will be at the race track. I am hoping to find a place in Mugello on Sunday to stay there after the race so that I am not caught in the 5 - 7 hours traffic or the long queues on the train station. I will come back to Florence on Sat (Qualifying happens around 3pm) in the evening and spend the evening/night soaking in the city - which I am sure is equally beautiful.

5. If I am able to find a night's stay in Borgo San Lorenzo, San Piero etc I will stay there on 4th night and then head to Florence on 5th, spend the day and take an evening flight back to Hanover.

Look forward to your guidance, many thanks !



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first a quick FYI (for your info), the train station you are looking for is CAMPO DI MARTE and it is a great area to make your base while staying in Florence. It is actually close to our offices, and it is easy to get to the city center, there are lots of places where the locals hang and there are even a couple of vegetarin restaurants in the area. Check out this hotel, which isn't too far from the station

as for a place to stay near the racetrack check out

There is a trai that leaves Campo di Marte at 8,03 in the morning and arrives at 9,55 - it does have one change in Bologna, but it appears there are no straight trains and many of them are regional. This means you will be a little limited with your times. However coming back seems to have several more options - you still need to change trains but you have more flexibility with your times. The faster trains are called LeFreccia.

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