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hello i'm going for the first time to italy and the motogp this year on may 31st and i want to go by train from peretola airport in florence to san piero a sieve to get my tickets and from there to the track also if you know how to get from florence to the track and back that would be great! thank you so much!


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how to get to the Mugello race track for the Moto GP 2013

Ciao Lidor,

I've just collected all of the information on how to get to the Mugello race circuit collected in the forum over the past few years - you'll find lots of useful details there!

As far as connections from the airport, there are no direct links from there to the race circuit. Where are you staying at? Won't you be needing to stop there first before heading to the track? Do you already have passes or plan to just get one there?

If you're moving around with the train, you'll be able to pick up tickets from San Piero a Sieve and on Friday, you then can catch the train or bus to Scarperia (if you go back on Sunday, the main race day, there are free shuttles from San Piero to Scarperia).


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Hi there,

Please help. Probably this is a last minute change of plan. I am cruising and will be in Livorno this June 2nd and Ship arrives at 8am. Instead of going to a Tour, I am planning to go to Mugello instead and to watch the final race. My question is as follow.

1. I am renting a car. What will be the best option for me on where to Park it somewhere to avoid the traffic. Is it a good idea to park is somewhere in Florence then take a Bus or train to the Circuit? Or any advice where I can park the car close to Mugello race track and then maybe just walk?

2. I do not have a MotoGP ticket yet, is it still possible to buy ticket there?

3. I need to go back to the Ship on or before 6pm the same day. Is that possible?

Please kindly advise. Thank you so much.


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you might make it!

Ciao Comanche23,

You can definitely buy tickets there directly. You can see costs on the official site here

The moto GP race starts at 2pm (see program here )
so personally, whether you drive or not, I think it would be cutting it too close to be back on time at the ship.

The drive from Livorno to Scarperia is about 1.30hr to 2hr, all depending on traffic in Mugello once you leave the A1 (see map ). The region has gotten much better at managing flow of cars along the roads and has instituted ways to get to and from the race track for that day, so you have to follow signs once you're in the area.

So if you drive there, I would give it 2 hours.... so will you see the race and leave on time to be back by 6pm?? Not sure!! There are definitely parking lots near Scarperia where you park and then walk the rest of the way, that isn't the problem.

Solution: go as early as you can make it, enjoy the warm ups and first races and eventually just give yourself a time by which you have to leave to make it back to the ship on time! Like leave by 3.30pm, regardless of what point the race is at. Seeing the schedule, I think it might just be over by then but you really have to then try to beat everyone else at leaving.... in this case, I recommend going directly with your own car.

But also consider that if you leave a little before the race is over, you won't have problems with the crowds leaving the track or traffic as they are all still there! :D

Whatever you decide to do, let us know how the adventure turns out ok?