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Hi There,

My husband and I have planned to go to Tuscany, we are spending one night near Baratti (driving up the coast from Rome), then driving across to San Gimignano for 2 nights (I thought from here we would visit Siena and just relax), I then wanted to see Florence and thought we would go up to Cinque Terre first because on the way to Venice you have to come back via Florence so I was going to do 2 nights in Florence after Cinque Terre.

Does this sound like a good plan or would you do it differently? I wasn't sure if I should extend the stay in San Gimignano and just travel into Florence from there.

Thanks so much for your time!



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Your itineary


Well - if you don't mind moving around then, it looks like a pretty sound itinerary.

However, keep in mind you could stay in San Gimignano for the two days - move to Florence dump the car at the rental agency and then use public transport to get around. You don't need the car for your other destinations and you can save money...maybe invest it is an organized tour of CT so you can enjoy it with out the hassle.

However, You can do CT by train (easy and maybe exhausting day trip) and Venice is just as fast (and definitely more convenient) by train.

This arrangement will have you staying in Florence and experiencing it night and day - which is a great way to enjoy the city.

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Hi Denise,

Thank you so much for your reply - we don't mind moving around.

I have booked for Levanto to stay to explore the Cinque Terre so we can park the car and then train from there. Do you think we are better to return the car before going to Levanto and use trains to get there too?

I did think about returning the car in Pisa on the way back and getting the train into Florence as it looks as though this will be easier to do then to return the car in Florence.

Thank you so much for your response - it is so helpful!



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Depends - you can get around without the car because the train will take you all the way to Levanto.

I have normally taken my car to Levanto when I go (but then I am not paying car rental fees) but once I get to CT I park it and don't go near it again until I am ready to leave. Normally I go up there with the family so a train isn't always economical - but if there are just the two of you, I would definitely look into the possibility of leaving the car and traveling via train.

The train station is a few minutes walk from the city center (not bad though) BUT travel light ;-)

You won't need your car to find restaurants, there are several all within walking distance in Levanto.

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Sounds like a good itinerary, I would also do CT after Florence and before heading to Venice.... were you planning on dropping car off in Florence before Venice? You could do that or in La Spezia or Pisa rather than Florence, keeping it to get to Levanto. Then continue on to Florence/Venice by train.


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Thank you

Thank you so much for your help :)

The car hire difference was minimal so we will drive to Levanto then return the car at Florence Airport and stay in Florence before catching the train to Venice.

This way we can also go via Pisa in the car.

I so appreciate you help - thanks again!


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You're welcome! Enjoy Tuscany and Levanto/CT!! :D
if you hire a car there is a very special route you shouldn't miss, it is named "il muraglione" it is a route from Florence city to Forli, in emilia Romagna Region, you will pass throughout the Campigna National Park and you could have a stop to visit the "Cascata dell acquacheta" a dreamful place!
here you can see the itinerary:!8m2!3d43.9333333!4d11.65

Enjoy it!