must do in 4 days in Tuscany


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Arriving the morning of August 22 at FCO (Rome) we will fetch a rental car and start our journey to tuscany, we are looking for suggest how to best spend the 4 days/3nights in Tuscany.


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4 days in Tuscany


Driving up from Rome I would suggest you take advantage of the Vla d'Orica area first - maybe a country B&B for two days. Visit Siena, Chianti, San Gimignano and wine areas like Montalcino.

Borgo Argenina is a sweet B&B place
and I also like: Candida's Chianti House

on the third day take the car and visit Pisa, Lucca and maybe a vineyard before heading into Florence.

Once in the Florence city center I suggest you drop off your car (you won't need it in Florence) and then spend a full day explore this amazing city.

You can train it back to Rome (if you are going back there - and you definitely won't need a car visiting the city center) or you can train it to any one of your next destinations.

Buon Viaggio.

Donna Denise